Presentation of the team

Lupin is a leguminous plant which produces edible grains. Lupin seeds have a peculiar composition: rich in proteins, fibres and oil, no starch and only few other carbohydrates. These main components are extremely valuable and make lupin an important crop for human nutrition. Some lupin proteins display remarkable nutraceutical activities, such as the plasma glucose-lowering γ-conglutin. Still the need of improving knowledge of these components and their properties is crucial for the optimal exploitation of lupin potentialities.

Our research group at the Department of Food, Environment and Nutritional Sciences (DeFENS) of the UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano, which is lead by Prof. Marcello Duranti, deals with structure/function relationships of lupin proteins, and other legume seed proteins, since longer than 30 years and is devoted to fulfill the gap of knowledge with respect to other better exploited grains.

In the “Research” area of this site, the reference 2D electrophoretic map of the lupin seed proteome, developed in collaboration with the laboratory of Prof. Luca Espen, is made available to any visitor. Further information on our past and current research lines in the area are also reported.

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